A Note to all newcomers:

March 17, 2009 at 1:58 pm (Uncategorized)

This site is, as of now, defunct. All the information on the site, for the most part, is grossly out of date – patches have come and gone, and the Hunter class has changed drastically. What a difference six months make, eh?

The Survival Tree itself, as I understand, is seeing something of a renaissance. I would’ve loved to see it, but that’s life.

Regardless, this exists as a philosophical resource to Survival, and to playing the class in general. Having some distance from the game (haven’t played since my account ran up), I can say that there was a definite mindset needed to play well, and hopefully, S.H.A will continue to help Hunters foster that.

That, in itself, was always the purpose; to help players enjoy the game, by learning to do well in a particularly under-appreciated way. I’m always surprised to come back, look at the site, and see the numbers grow between visits. Imagine my shock at seeing 35,000 views, months after I walked away!

If you ever find yourself a little bored, come say hi at my new place, http://lynchian.wordpress.com. The whole writing thing’s going pretty well for me.

Take care, and happy hunting.



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