WWI Panel – Hunters.

June 28, 2008 at 4:33 pm (Beast Mastery, General Hunter Knowledge, Hunterology, Marksmanship, Survival)

You may or may not be aware of certain things happening this week in the WOW-world.

As it says, big things’re poppin’. On top of the possibility of having not one, but TWO talent trees available (insert squeals of glee here) to any player, thus reinforcing what I’ve been saying, we have a double-whammy of Hunter changes.



The first one might be a little hard to understand for some of you – so let’s do an explanation of shot rotations, real quick like.

You take a shot. Say it takes you 2 seconds before you can do another one.

If you hit Steady Shot, which takes a second and a half, .5 seconds after you do the shot, you’ll be in line for another shot, and nothing’s wrong.

You hit it a full second after you do that first shot, and there’s no other auto shot. You’ve effectively wasted a shot; the 1.5 seconds it took to fire that Steady Shot overlapped with the Auto Shot cooldown, and you get boned.

In Lich King, shit’s gonna change. No more of that “oh noes, I wasted another shot” stuff. You auto-shot, you Steady Shot, it auto-shots when you’re done. The shot rotation automatically becomes more fluid. No more crazy science, mathematical equations or such, or getting screwed because of lag.

One of the most difficult mechanics of the game just became that much easier to deal with.

Pet Talent Trees, as I understand from this panel, are my dream come true. Pet families get unique abilities, and with these trees, you can supplement them. Instead of joking about your pet tanking Illidan… it just might happen. And you’ll no longer be a slave to the ravager / cat / scorpid dynamic. You’ll be able to find the one, or three, that work best for you, and have them specifically tailored to the roles you need them for.

Blizz, you guys rock. Add more stable slots and I think you’ve answered our prayers.



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