Casual (Noo Yawk) Hardcore?

June 22, 2008 at 11:32 pm (Uncategorized)



Incidentally, I worked with the mom of one of Agnostic Front’s many bassists. Cool story.

I was thinking about this topic recently. I’ve really scaled my playing back a LOT – where I used to clock in almost 20 hours a week or more, last week, I put in about seven. Five of that is just raiding, two nights a week. The other two were leveling a shaman with my girlfriend for fun.

There’s usually a discrepancy – if you’re raiding, you have to be “hardcore”. But most people put the <10 hours a week players in the “casual” category.

Only about 30% of all guilds even make it to Tier 5 content. Most of them are considered “hardcore” – Project X is most definitely “casual”.  We have one night of serious raiding a week, and we do weekly Kara runs. It takes about as long as most people do heroic instances – and I’m still active in the guild with only 7 hours a week of playing time. We have more hardcore players; but we also have more people like me.

Tonight, a casual guild took down Magtheridon on our second try. (first try, we wiped on the cubes. before that, there was an amusing moment when half the raid was shut out behind the gates, and we watched our guildies get swatted down…but we can’t count that as an attempt) One could say that this is due to how much the encounter’s been nerfed ; one could say it’s because we’re just that damn good.


I also got my T4 Chestpiece. 3 Fallen Hero Tokens dropped; the three big hunters that come to raids (me, Bog, and Iso) all walked out with new chestpieces, and Iso now has all five pieces of Tier 4. 🙂
I’m really proud of our little casual “Hardcore” guild. 😀
How about you? What’s your guild like?



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