Running On Empty : Hunters and Mana Conservation, Pt. 5

June 17, 2008 at 3:05 pm (Beast Mastery, General Hunter Knowledge, Hunterology, Marksmanship, Survival)

Ahh, the fifth and final installment.

Now, we’re talking about the last thing you can do to increase your mana conservation – taking talents.

There are a few that you can take in each tree that help out :

Beast Mastery has Improved Revive Pet and Improved Mend Pet. Without these talents, keeping your pet up takes a lot out of your mana pool, especially if you’re keeping him/her active. If you’re BM, you should have both of these, with one maxed and the other with one point at your discretion.

Marksmanship has Efficiency and Combat Experience. Efficiency reduces the cost of your shots by up to 10%; that adds up. Combat Experience increases your total Intellect by up to 6%, which can be a big boost to the Viper-popping moments. As many hunters take up to 20 points in Marks, picking up 5/5 in Efficiency’d be a good idea.

Survival has Resourcefulness and Thrill of The Hunt. Resourcefulness reduces your trap cost by up to 60%, as well as your melee attacks. If you get a lot out of trapping, this might be for you. Thrill of The Hunt is the supreme mana-regen talent – if you have high enough crit, it will return 40% of all the mana-using shots you crit with. (if you’re a Survival Hunter, then yeah, you’re gonna be using a TON of Shots). As I’ve said before, it turns you into the Hybrid of SUV’s.

That concludes the five-parter. Hope you found it useful.



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