Ego(n) Check.

June 17, 2008 at 10:46 pm (Beast Mastery, Survival)

Survival Hunters and Hunter Enthusiasts, how are ya?

I feel like we haven’t had much to talk about outside of theory and all that cut-and-dry stuff. It really lacks personality, I know. But I just wanted to get it out on the table. You guys deserve it. Seriously, you do. At least now, if you happen to be a Hunter Class Lead / Guidance Counselor, you have another couple questions to ask potential hunters (“So, what do you do when you run out of mana in a boss fight?”)

Anyways, life is pretty good with Project X. Gruul is officially on farm, next week is us taking on Magtheridon in an attempt to complete our Tier 4 domination ; once he’s down three weeks straight, we’re doing both of ’em in one night, like every other guild at our level. I think we can do it, for sure – besides, I want my T4 chestpiece, dammit. 😛

Also, I’m seeing a girl who turned out to be a fellow WoW enthusiast – she’s kind of a beginner, so I’m having fun playing my first real Shaman while patiently explaining everything she needs to do. What can I say? I’m drawn to difficult classes and difficult women.

Ah! Before I go, I leave you with this little tidbit, the pure Survival raid DPS build that was brainstormed by the collective Hunting brain trust of Project X, and currently in use by one of our favorite hunters.


I personally would not take the 3 points in Survivalist, and move that 5th point in Mortal Shots to Thrill of the Hunt, but that’s personal preference; I feel I get enough health as is, and that Mana should be a priority. Also, you may get more mileage out of picking Improved Feign Death over Clever Traps if you’re Survival and Raid DPS, as you’re hitting it every time it’s up.

Point is, Improved Aspect of the Hawk and Focus Fire help make this one a nice little bit of kick-ass; no improved Arcane Shot or Barrage, so this is more like Survival meets BM, and apparently, it’s put out around 700 DPS. Granted, the guinea pig hunter using this spec is also fairly well geared, and won’t get any upgrades until we hit SSC / TK, so take it with a grain of salt, eh?



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