Running On Empty : Hunters and Mana Conservation, Pt. 3

June 15, 2008 at 1:02 am (Beast Mastery, General Hunter Knowledge, Hunterology, Marksmanship, Survival)

Building on what was previously discussed, having Mp5 makes a ton of difference, but more so in long fights than short fights. So, what’s to be done about short fights?

Well, let’s take a look at the previous idea – having +30 Intellect enchants.

You, as a Hunter, get 15 mana for each point of Intellect you have. +30 means, you get +450.

Now, +60 means, +900. If you were to find two weapons with approximately 20 intellect on them to begin with, you’d start with +600, and could go as high as +1500 with the two enchants.

Okay. Now why is this an idea worth pursuing?

Two reasons :

1) Removable Brains

2) Deadly Viper Assassination Squad.

By #1, I mean that if you were to carry dual-wield daggers that had Intellect Enchants on them, and start any fight, you’d be down some stats, but you’d have what’s practically free mana. Once you’ve used it up, equip your main weapon, and it’s as if you’d just drank a mana potion – your mana bar is back at full, on a technicality, and you’re still ready to kick more ass.

And by #2, look at this chart. You get the least out of AoTV when you’re the highest on Mana. But you get the most out of it at around 20% of your total Mana.

So, re-equip the daggers or what have you (steal a 2h / dual wield equip macro from your warrior friends) but at a point when, relatively, having that additional mana means your pool is lower than it actually is…then pop AoTV and Rapid Fire, and just watch the mana regen like crazy.

If you’re at around 200 Intellect, having an extra 150 means you get a total of 192.5 mp5 when the talent’s cranking at full force, at around 20%. This isn’t including the 5% buff you can get from the Tier 6 armor, or the additional 35% of your level (24.5 mp5), which means you’d have almost 220 mp5.  (that last bit got added in a recent patch.). That’s a stark contrast with the 130 you’d get normally, and all you have to do is equip a different set of weapons.

Complain all you want about running out of mana and how Viper’s a shit-poor excuse for a regen ability – it’s the PERFECT solution, it’s right in front of you, and all you have to do is take advantage of the mechanics.

Generally, if you pace yourself, you can stay at around 50% with Aspect of the Viper and be fine… but let’s face it, you’re a Hunter; if you paced yourself, you’d be bored. You can occasionally hit that Feign Death button, but for the most part, pacing yourself is a chore.

It will depend on the server, but if you buy daggers with 20 Intellect, it shouldn’t run you more than 10g, tops. The mats’re around 120 or so on Drenden, don’t know how it is on yours, but 260 gold for having gobs of mana at your disposal, which will serve you throughout the rest of the game (considering I have 6000, an extra 25% is AMAZING) and possibly benefit you more than any two armor enchants you could have instead.


Pt. 4’s on the way, it’ll deal with proper potion use. I should mention that if you get Pallies to give you Wisdom and Kings, the dagger thing should put you on easy street, but I’m focusing particularly on what you, and only you, need to do in order to get the most out of your mana pool. After you do the hard work of figuring out mana conservation, anybody else’s contributions will just be giving you fringe benefits.



  1. Cyp said,

    It’s an interesting idea to have two sets of weapons for a fight, but you are forgetting that you can’t change your gear during a fight.

    My guild is raidng SSC/TK/MH at the moment and I’m a hybrid hunter – survival/MM (jea, haha). But in all honesty – i don’t run out of mana.

    Ofcourse, I have efficiency and MM tree traits, but what really keeps me all-mana-up is just the mana oil buff and paladin’s Greater Wisdom buff. It’s really useful.

    Only on near-wipe fights, where most-dps is dead I have to chug a potion or go for viper for 10-15 sec.

    But still – I like the idea, but sadly it doesn’t work – no gear switching in middle of the fights.

  2. survivalhuntersanonymous said,

    @ Cyp

    Cyp, let me bring you in on a little secret.

    You’re correct. You can’t switch your gear during your fight. It’d be silly to drop your armor and switch everything up.

    But you CAN switch your weapons. Might be a little trick you can bring with you to Hyjal. 😛

    The very first Survival Hunters Anonymous movie is going to be on this very topic, and the accompanying macro!

    Glad to hear you don’t have mana issues to begin with, though. 🙂

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