Running On Empty : Hunters and Mana Conservation, Pt 2.

June 14, 2008 at 12:08 pm (Beast Mastery, General Hunter Knowledge, Hunterology, Marksmanship, Survival)

Of those 6 that I listed, we can rule one out immediately – #5, Stacking Spirit.

Hunters need to stay in the Five Second Rule, otherwise, we lose the infamous “MSQoRDPS” that we are so well known for – and stacking Spirit doesn’t work for us, in terms of our more prevalent stats and our damage. 

The other 5 are reasonable, so I’ll be exploring them in this series, and detailing the most efficient ways of getting the most mana for your shots… so let’s start with #6.

Currently, I have 58 mana regen outside of combat per 5 seconds, and 6 during. Keep in mind I also only have 193 Intellect… Not bad, but not terribly good if you want to make the most out of Aspect of the Viper without the T6 bonus.

I typically hit 33% of my mana a good distance into the fight, depending on what it is. On a fight like Gruul, I’d have to down two potions before the fight’s done – on our 6/8 kill, I was DPSing for 6.5 minutes, while the fight was going on for 8 minutes.

So, roughly, I have to pop a mana potion every 2.5 minutes. Not too shabby, but it could stand to be a lot better, as I’d ideally like to have to pop one, while at full bore and handling Mend Pet, every 3 minutes.
If I didn’t worry about the pet thing, that’d push me up to 3, but obviously, you lose out a lot if you don’t keep him up. 🙂

 I have a whopping 6 mp5 right now. There’re a couple other pieces with mp5 out there well within my reach – the t4 GlovesScaled Greaves of Patience (which, if I switch back to Survival, I’m definitely breaking out), and maybe the Beastmaw Pauldrons from Kara.

I’d lose some +crit in the case of my shoulders, but that’d all put me at 24 mp5, which, over the course of the 6 and a half minutes I’d be doing Gruul, would give me 1872 mana while I’m fighting.
 Currently, I get 468 in the same time frame – just from one piece of armor!.

Mp5 wouldn’t be as useful for quick fights in raids, i.e. Kara and ZA’s shorter bosses, but picking up just two items (that I’d probably go for anyway) and giving me almost 1900 mana back over a 7 minute fight?

Sign me up!

So, we’ve got that. If you can get even 25 mp5, even though it doesn’t sound like much, it can really add up over time. If you can bump it up to 30, you’ve got more than 2300 mana back. That’s definitely worth looking at. 

Part 3 will be focusing on exploiting Intellect for your benefit. Yes, I said exploit; there really is no better way to put it, as you will be blatantly taking advantage of the game’s rules, and using them to your advantage.


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