Running On Empty : Hunters and Mana Conservation, Pt. 1

June 14, 2008 at 11:25 am (Beast Mastery, General Hunter Knowledge, Hunterology, Marksmanship, Survival, Uncategorized)

Lately, I’ve been struggling a little.

“What? The prissy little BM Hunter’s struggling? Boo-hoo. Spec Marks, get a real taste for the blues, and then tell me how you’re struggling.”

Oh, get off your damn high horse. 

I’m dealing with the same issue many of you hunters are – mana conservation. I even have 5/5 Efficiency, which, some would argue, is silly, as BM hunters have amazing mana consumption.

Amazing isn’t good enough. I want PHENOMENAL mana conservation. 

Right now, I’m sitting at a little under 6000 mana and 8500 health. My Hit rating is 9%, AP’s in the mid 1500’s, 22% crit, 596 Agility. Damage is not an issue.

Potting, however, is. Some fights, you need to be able to snap back from a big hit and keep going. Can’t really do that if you’re bandaging yourself, and it’s even worse if you need to make the call between staying alive for the rest of the fight doing gimped damage, or dying 30 seconds earlier but making a bigger impact.

So, I’ve come to examine the following –

Just how much does a Hunter NEED Mp5?

Think about it. You’re shooting at a constant rate – somewhere between every 2-3 seconds, and no doubt using a spell in the process. That keeps you out of the Five Second Rule, which means you have several routes as a hunter :

  1. Carry +intellect enchanted weapons. Start a fight with them, drain through their “free” part of the mana pool, switch to your main “stat-stick”, lay on the hurt, and switch back when you need to maximize your Viper returns.
  2. Join Manaholics Anonymous, and become a fierce devotee of Mana Potions. A nice quick fix.
  3. Fel Mana Potions. Helps you pace yourself, and you can get a nice boost if you’re using Aspect of the Viper at the same time, as BRK has previously discussed.
  4. Get Efficiency. It helps.
  5. Stack Spirit, and stay out of the Five Second Rule as much as possible. “Lolz Spirit iz good no?”
  6. Stack mp5. It’s a constant mana regen, but with the trade-off in stats, would it be worth it?
To Be Continued in Part 2. 

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