Misdirect is your friend.

June 9, 2008 at 12:21 am (Beast Mastery, General Hunter Knowledge, Whoops.)

(TR, this one’s for you – because yes, I will blog about it. :P)

No, seriously. Maybe not as much as stacking Agility, or the guy or girl who’d help bail you out of jail / bring you an extra pair of clothes because you had a little too MUCH tequila that one night, but Misdirect is a potent potable when it comes to the Hunter’s bag o’ tricks.

A perfect example of the fine line between a MD pull going right… and an MD pull going not-so-smoothly… happened tonight while Project X made strides towards putting Gruul on farm.


The Good One:


After loosely assigning our hunters to MD (first time for everything, but hey, gotta learn by doing!) targets to tanks during the HKM fight, I made a nice, smooth segue for my tank to pick up the High King, and sauntered on over to DPS my targets. All I had to do was smack my MD macro, drop an Aimed shot, Arcane Shot, and my Distracting Shot macro, bing bang boom, tank’s got aggro, and I’ve moved on to the next target.

What I did right :

1) Had my macro ready.

2) Knew what my target was.

3) Used a maximum of Instant shots, with a minimum of charged shots, and avoiding Multi-shot to maximize on MD’s effectiveness. 

Classic good MD pull.


The Not-So-Good One:


The not-so good one was the pull right before the three-Ogre pull outside of Gruul’s room. I had to MD to my tank again. Easy, right? Yes. But, naturally, in order to teach me a lesson, I screwed the pooch on that one. I pulled aggro, instead of the tank, and Trackhoof became Squishedhoof.

What I did right:

1) Had my Macro ready.

2) Knew what my target was.

3) Didn’t Feign Death, and gave the Tank enough time to grab the target so’s he didn’t go on a Squishing spree.

What I did WRONG :

1) Didn’t have LOS of the tank when I used MD. He was around the corner. Oops.

2) Didn’t pay attention to the little red text that said, “HEY! TRACK! YOO-HOO! YOU CAN’T USE THAT SPELL, BUDDY!”

3) Proceeded to use said maximum of Instants, etc… which were too effective at generating aggro on yours truly.


What did I learn?

  • If you can sacrifice yourself to save some healers on trash or on a boss, do it. It’s worth it, most times, not to Feign Death.

          (There’s always an exception, but most times, it’s worth it.)

  • Always make sure you have LOS on the person you’re about to MD. Otherwise… squashed hunter.
  • And lastly… if you think you could learn a lesson from something you did wrong, think it out, work it out, and make damn sure you learn it. 😀
And now, time for my favorite part – EPEENING!
My numbers from last week’s shot at Gruul :
561 DPS, 6 deaths, #11 on our WoW Web Stats.
This Week:
643 DPS, 1 death (the trash death, mind you), #3 with a giant heapin’ pile of Fel Slugs.
The difference? Staying alive + DST procs + 14 more procs of FI gave me a 15% DPS boost.
I’d like to thank the Academy…

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