Another WoW song homage.

June 8, 2008 at 11:38 am (Miscellaneous)

In the grand tradition of “Wreath of Fire”, and “Feralicious”, but with a certain heavy metal sensibility befitting the Betrayer, I bring you a twist on the Iron Maiden classic “Hallowed Be Thy Name“…

You Are Not Prepared.


I’m waiting, for the raid call

When the tank gets online

I’m geared up, beyond excess 

And now it’s time to shine


‘Cause At 8’O clock

We port to the Black Temple’s wall

My funds for wipes

For me, are running low




When the priest comes to give us a raid buff

And the very first boss is evade bugged

Oh this run has gone very wrong for me


Can it be that there’s some sort of error?

A Petition is sent to make it better

Is this raid over before it began?


Somebody please tell me that I’m dreaming

No PTT means you hear me screaming

Freak out the neighbors and scare the dog


Tears fall, but why am I crying?

After all, it’s Najentus flying

Have a laugh, and do it all again.


*Meedley-tastic musical interlude*


As the raid rushes out of the instance

Somebody cries, ZOMIGOD, it’s a respawn

Our gear’s all red, and we’re completely broke


As I run, my corpse lies before me

I wish I could hearth without my body

Before that hunter decides to pull again


Mark my words, believe my fate

Tonight, we’re running really late,

So grab some Funyuns and Diet Mountain Dew



When you think that your loot is close at hand

You may begin to understand

That /ready is but a big misnomer


*another kickass musical interlude, with killer solos and such*


Yeaaah yeaaaaaaaaaaah,


You Are Not Prepared


Yeahhhh yeaaaaahhhhheaaah,







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