Beastmaster in Repose.

June 4, 2008 at 2:55 pm (Uncategorized)

Y’know what I just realized?

These so-called “differences” between the Hunter trees are a bunch of malarkey.


You can go on about BM this, MM, that, pull the other one. Doesn’t make a difference, it’s just different sides of the same die.

Yes, BM has a couple extra “oomph” features to it. But rather than play like a BM hunter, I still have that Survival Hunter mindset, and y’know what, it works!

BRK had a cool article the other day where he mentioned that he even respecced mid-run for Survival trapping. THAT is the way we should be, folks. We should be flexible, and do what the situation dictates. Some people level multiple characters so they can have a perfectly-geared X Y or Z -spec ready to go.

I say, again, malarkey. If you have the time, do it.

If anything, find two (or three) specs that you know you like to have in your arsenal, and know how to use them. If you know that extra trapping’d really make the grade for your group, have a Survival Spec ready to go. If you know you need the Serpent’s Swiftness and some other BM tools, go BM. If you need to be able to silence / scattershot, MM is your bag, baby.

The only key is being able to play your class well across each tree. That’s really all there is to it. 




  1. Vixenytli & Chuck said,

    I LOVE luv wuv LOVE! this idea.

    I was just getting ready to go burn down (har har) Alar for the first time and I realized that I had 154 hit when, with 3/3 in Surefooted, I actually only need like 109, or is it 94? anyway- NOT 154. and so I had time to respec, but not to research a new spec. I was totally wishing I had a BM/SV hit cap spec ready to go so I could hearth, port to OG, and then get a summ back all shiney and new with my pretty new spec. but… alas, i did not. and so flexible i was not. (which is odd cause in RL…. I mean. *ahem*)

    totally cool Idea. Wish more people were like this.

  2. WWI Panel - Hunters. « Survival Hunters Anonymous said,

    […] of having not one, but TWO talent trees available (insert squeals of glee here) to any player, thus reinforcing what I’ve been saying, we have a double-whammy of Hunter […]

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