A Quickie.

May 29, 2008 at 10:15 am (Uncategorized)

I love looking at what brings people to this site. I also love making helpful and/or sarcastic remarks about them. So why keep those things to myself?

Here are, from the past six days, the searches I found most interesting.

When do you know that you are ready for…

Legitimately, that was the search. I’m going to assume this was Karazhan – OK, if you’re a plain-jane BM hunter, and you want to kick ass, you’ll probably need around 5% hit, a weapon that has a minimum of 60 ranged DPS on it, and some decent gear. Same goes for the other trees. Survivalists can have 8% hit in their sleep. Really, regardless of gear, you should be fine if you can do heroics and not die, so look to have around 400 DPS without your pet, bare minimum. Shoot for more than that.

Worst Hunter Strength Gear…

The answer would be… everything, unless you happen to be masterminding a Survival Hunter Tank approach. See the question about Survival Tanking later on.

Worst Hunter on the Drenden Server…

Generally, it’d be anybody who has the gall to switch trees to Beastmastery, raid Kara with greens, and continue to plague the Survival Hunter “Community” with his poorly thought out opinions and weak attempts at humor.

It couldn’t possibly be me, because I’m raiding in purples now.

16 steps through the heart…

I’m sorry, there are only two ways I know to the heart – through my stomach and a well-aimed shot to the ribcage, approximately three inches up and two inches to the right from the solar plexus. You’re off by 14.

“Season 1 Crossbow” Beast Mastery…

Ah! One i can provide a factual answer for!

The Gladiator’s Heavy Crossbow is a solid weapon for the BM hunter pre-Kara, as well as any hunter. High top-end damage, high low-end damage, the only thing that sucks is the shot speed. You will do a buttload of damage with it, but you must keep in mind, the advantage of BM is that you have Serpent’s Swiftness.

If I were to switch back to Survival and still have that Crossbow equipped, the damage would barely change. However, my DPS would drop, because I don’t have the 20% speed increase that the BM tree gives me. Remember, it’s Damage Per Second. Not Per Sarah Silverman, Per Sauvingon Blanc, or Per Savatage.

Thus, if you were to happen upon a weapon with similar damage and a faster shot speed, say, the Wolfslayin’ Shotgun, (You cannot honestly expect me to believe that’s a sniper rifle…), you would reap the benefits for a good long time.

Hunter BM PvE Tactics…

Pew pew pew, big red pet, pop cooldowns, pew pew pew, pew pew pew, mana potion, pew pew pew, lather rinse repeat. Boss dead. Next question.

Things things arena 2…

Morituri Tu Salutante. Next.

Which Heroics Gear Up Hunters…

Depends on what kind of hunter you are, and what kind of gear you’re looking to replace. For the most part, look for the Beast Lord’s Armor if you’re BM, for sure.

You will love Steamvaults, regular and heroic, especially for the Angry Stingray Bow. Mechanar’s good for these gloves, Bot has some killer boots, and if you want to go for some real good gear (and have a very masochistic sense of “fun”), by all means, go for Heroic Shadow Labyrinth.

MM and Survival Hunters really should just ninja anything they find useful.

Boar Survival Hunter…


Sorry, thanks to changes, these guys aren’t that “good” anymore. Their Charge attack doesn’t give the boost to Growl, and therefore, no more massive amounts of aggro to start with. They’re still fun, but now you have to use them in the same way you’d use any other pet.

Can Survival Hunter Tank…

Yes and no. Stack your agility and Strength (for whacking people), pick up some +dodge and +defense items, wear as much mail as humanely possible, live in Improved Aspect of the Monkey, pop Deterrence a lot, and have somebody constantly keeping debuffs on the target, like Scorpid Sting. Get faster weapons.

It’s possible, but very, incredibly unfeasible.

That’s all we have time for today. Catch you later.



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