An update.

May 12, 2008 at 10:47 pm (Survival)

So, I have to say, I am rather glad with how SHA has progressed in the past couple of months. Closing in on 10,000 views. A hell of a milestone; I honestly thought it’d take me a whole year to get that, and I honestly didn’t think there were that many Hunters out there (and it wasn’t just me clicking ten thousand times, I swear!).

And I am rather glad with myself; even I’ve changed since I started the blog back in December. I have a new guild that I’m happy with, real life is going swimmingly, and I don’t feel as rushed these days. I’ve also started working out more, which in turn, has really mellowed me out.

But you want Survival tidbits. Well, I’ll give ’em to you.

I’m trying out an improved Arcane Shot build, suggested by Drotara and modeled after Alumatine’s. It’s working out swell. I’m no longer a true Survival Hunter like Guywired suggests (Readiness or GTFO), but I’m doing fine for myself in that regard, DPS-wise.

I’m sitting at 674 Agility, unbuffed. I haven’t set foot in Kara yet, but I did hit Tempest Keep in a guild trash-clearing night event today, and I got these : Bands of the Celestial Archer. Nice, huh?

Yep. I did have to break my set bonus (as well as the Earthstorm Diamond bonus) in order to get at that tasty, tasty +crit rating, more intellect, and increased AP. I compensated, dropped a +8 hit somewhere else, and made it all happy again. 8% hit ain’t that bad.

Also, I picked up a Ravager. His name is UggahBuggah. Until I can get 33% static crit, I’ll stick with him. He’s 63 and already he holds aggro like a champ. Takes punches like Rocky, though. (And by that, I mean he usually gets knocked around for a couple rounds before he gets in some good stuff.)

The new guild rules. They’re funny, sharp, and good company during a raid. And goofballs.

In reference to anybody who may ask, “but didn’t you say that you were as good as you were gonna get?” Yes, I did say that. I said top 10, Ravenholdt. I may not be top 10 in Drenden, but top 25 for sure. What’s there left to learn? Plenty.

Learning about my class has all but finished. I’ve left few stones unturned; the learning’ll start over with Lich King.

However, learning about the people I plan on spending the rest of my days in WoW with has just begun.

And that, really, is the best lesson I can teach any Hunter. Learn about and know your guildies in-game. They’re why you’re the hunter you are.




  1. huntrress said,

    on the topic of hit rating ive noticed somthing silly

    83=1 to 2 misses in ssc

    wore wrong helmet on supremus 71 no miss??

    hit rating is weird

  2. survivalhuntersanonymous said,

    Yeah, hit rating’s an odd beast.

    From what I understand of all my explorations on the topic, reaching the “hit cap” assures that you have removed *almost* all chance to miss against anything ; bosses, trash mobs, and mechanical squirrels.

    However, I said ALMOST all chance – there is still a built-in chance to miss. There is no way to avoid this at all; and as such, remember, you do have a certain amount of leeway when it comes to +hit.

    8% hit on bosses, instead of 9%, means 1 out of every 100 shots will, theoretically, be missed. Seeing as you’ve got the lion’s share of misses eliminated with 8% hit, and there exists the possibility to miss, regardless of whether or not you’re hitcapped, even on trash mobs, I say live dangerously and take your chance with the possibility of two misses.

    Thanks for the comment, and happy hunting!


  3. Peloquin said,

    Told ya the game still had a lot to offer. ;p

    Good to see you back!

  4. Corben said,

    “Learning about my class has all but finished. I’ve left few stones unturned; the learning’ll start over with Lich King.”

    Yeah, you’re surely rocking the dps charts in them greens and the arcane build. Heh, looking at your armory and you’re BEASTMASTER. Shocker.

    And, the funny thing is “you can’t fix stupid”. The guy in your post wearing strength gear… you’re a half a step above on the SV hunter evolutionary scale, buddy.

  5. survivalhuntersanonymous said,

    Corben, I want to thank you for being the very first person to say anything negative about my blog; clearly, I’m not perfect, but if we still go by comments as a relative ratio to perfection, I’m about 95% there. 😛

    Actually, I was doing fairly well with the arcane build, averaging about 500 DPS raid-buffed.

    With BM, I do that much un-buffed, and more. I know you’re sorely disappointed that somebody’s apparently not practicing what they preach, but I still love Survival deeply, and will go back someday.

    By the way, those quest greens? Filling important roles. Mm-hmm. Two of those greens gave me damn near 30 points of hit – a third of what I needed to be hitcapped as a Survival Hunter. That’s called making the best of what you have.

    Thing is, my guild doesn’t have nearly enough physical DPS to justify staying Survival with 800 agility raid-buffed, and our big heavy hitters are our magic users.


    So, by grouping our prime magic users with BM hunters, we can theoretically boost our total DPS a good load with more consistent / dual FI procs. Trust me, I love having a massive crit % and constant mana back in my pocket, but the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.

    It also helps that our other hunters who come along need a little instruction on how to do things, and as I’m the Hunter Role Advisor for our guild, I have to teach by doing. We can’t have fifteen Survival Hunters rolling around – we need variety, but more importantly, we need to be sure that they know how to eke the most out of their spec.

    And yeah, I will say I know 98% of what you need to know to be a great hunter. The remaining 2% is, as I said previously, personally discovered nuance.

    (Hell, I figured out that the easiest way for me to do a fluid 1:1 shot rotation as a BM hunter is to hit the Steady Shot button as if I were playing a beat in 3/4 measure. It’s not something you’d really read about at EJ.)

    But, Mr. Dallas (I assume, but if that’s the case, then props, Fifth Element is one of my favorite Luc Besson flicks), clearly I am not worthy, in your eyes, to lick the Survival-based dirt from your boots, as I have betrayed my people, numerous they are, by speccing BM for the greater good of my guild. I am truly a poor example to Hunters everywhere, and prostrate myself before your good mercy, O leet one.

    Please, if I am not fit to lead them to greater knowledge, then make a temple fit for the true believers, and take charge of my flock. I will help you however you desire, and live in shame with “BM” branded on my chest, but with a glimmer of hope, knowing that a true sage is tending to their needs.

    …’Course, it would be a shame if you weren’t some kind of Survival superstar trying to show me the error of my ways, but instead, some random hate-fueled individual looking to pick fights with nothing to back yourself up. That’d just be awful!


  6. Heads Up! « Survival Hunters Anonymous said,

    […] post will not be for you, pro players. It won’t even be for my one decrier, a certain Corben Dallas, who is no doubt still weeping openly about the loss of a Survival hero […]

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