Leveling an Alt…

February 20, 2008 at 8:00 pm (Alt, Druid, Miscellaneous, Uncategorized)

So, continuing the departure with the alt, I was hanging on Illidan as Smackhoof, and said hi to Drotara (Hooray, another person I know on Illidan!).

Here’s a snippet of our conversation :

Drotara : Yeah, I plugged in the Dragonspine Trophy into my copy of Cheeky’s spreadsheet and it actually lowered my DPS… crazy
Smackhoof : Damn, that’s
Smackhoof : OMG COUGARS
Smackhoof : DAMN IT
Smackhoof : I swear, they’re like furry murlocs
Drotara : lol
Smackhoof : There were like 3 of them that popped out of nowhere
Smackhoof : and I thought, “Ok, Freeze Trap, Wyvern Sting, Pet’ll grab the other two”
Smackhoof : “OH CRAP, I’M A DRUID…um… roots and run like hell?”
Drotara : Yeah, I hated leveling my alt… I mean, you’re level 8, you can’t even do anything yet!

Smackhoof is now level 9. And as soon as he dinged, he was eaten alive, AGAIN, by voracious Flatland Cougars.

I love having a new character that I enjoy playing, but i hate three things above all else.

1) I die, on average, about 823579862387568214234 more times than i did as a hunter of the same level, or my old priest. Which, being that I died a LOT, is unnerving. I am hoping that gaining the ability to go were-bear on their asses will change things.

2) I hate not having bag space. I will be saving my pennies and hoping people buy my auctions of Copper and Peacebloom, so’s I can get some nice bags. Really, the not-having bags is a major irritation, and will be rectified immediately.

3) I hate walking. HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE walking. Is there a way of cross-server bribing to get a GM to just insta-level me to 30?



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