A quickie.

February 19, 2008 at 3:04 pm (Uncategorized)

I have a couple entries written up and ready to go, but I just want to toss a quick one out today, since I don’t have much time.

At the behest of a friend on Illidan and the advice of Triple B, I rolled a druid there.

Still haven’t gotten Bear form yet.

I want to be a furry tractor / killing machine, damn it.


Addendum : After a minor setback involving the longest Heroic Ramparts run ever and a 30 gold repair bill, my bank’s now at 250 gold (and one Primal Nether).



  1. Drotara said,

    Illidan eh? The server is a beast. That’s where I am now.

  2. Vixenytli & Chuck said,

    Vix has troubles making money too- but she discovered a secret recently….shh…don’t tell- Everything she gets that she can sell she mails to her lvl 2 toon who is her “AH Goddess.” She got bags for the toon (netherweve bags have no lvl requirement) and that toon just chills in silvermoon running from the AH to the Mailbox.

    the other thing- skinning. the more you kill, the more you skin, the more you make. on Velen a stack of Heavy Knothide for a LOT. it’s nice. She is almost done lvling her LW too- so those special items like [Riding Crop] will be selling for a lot too.

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