A necessary evil.

February 15, 2008 at 8:04 pm (Miscellaneous, Survival, Whoops.)

So, in between the regular, informative posts you’ve all come to know and love, including my upcoming addition to the Hunterology posts on proper Survival Gear (which will be here tomorrow), and the light-hearted fare, such as the guest-posts by Nightravyn and JoanRivers, a certain somebody’s pet Carrion Bird, comes the first installment in an ongoing saga of massive sacrifice and tribulation.

It is an epic story of personal struggle, sure to be passed down from generation to generation, just as many before have told the tales of Odysseus, Gilgamesh, King Arthur, and Johnny, soon they will relate the tale of Trackhoof, and his quest to save up the princely sum of a thousand pieces of gold for a flying mount.

The path is fraught with danger and obstacles abound; for the mighty Trackhoof must resist the temptations of the Orgrimmar Rib Joint, 50s Shot Night at the End of The World, his compulsive Auction House habits, and that house over at the corner with all them pretty mailbox-dancing ladies offering “jobs” from A to Z

(be strong, Track, be strong!)

It truly is a perilous task.

The choice pieces of wisdom he’s been offered?

“Do quests.” – Guildie.”

Dude, do quests. >_>” – My Co-Worker / Friend / Copycat blogger at Warriors Anonymous

“omgnoob! Go to Netherstorm / Shadowmoon, do quests, and get $$$! DO EET NAOOH!” – the sage advice of my ever-insightful guild leader, one Mr. BlackOmen.

So, that in mind, the tally begins.

Total as of 2/15/08:

210 Gold.


P.S. Was in Old Hillsbrad the other night.

As a Human, Track looks like Chuck Norris with a crew cut.



  1. Lienna said,

    Only a thousand for your first flying mount? thats easy, should only take you a few days, I’m frequently surprised how so many people seem to have money problems after hitting outland, the quest givers chuck money at you to do their dirty work! Still I’m working towards the epic flying mount… that takes time, unfortunately, other than doing quests in SMV or netherstorm, most of the good money quests I can think of need a flying mount. If you have a warlock friend willing to help though you could get a group and do the orgrilla prequests, theres about 100 gold to be gotten for killing a series of bosses, then once you have a flying mount you can go to orgrilla and get the dailies there

    On a side note I’ve been listening to devil went down to Georgia over and over for the last week, so *cheer*

  2. Softi said,

    come on Track, you can do it- get the gold!! if I can do it, trust me… anyone can >_<

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