February 14, 2008 at 8:44 am (Survival, Uncategorized)

Well, folks, I am glad to announce that it’s been two months since Survival Hunters Anonymous has made its way onto the internets, and in my eyes, it’s been quite the success, starting up from nothing and becoming the little slice of kick-ass (with awesome sauce) that it is today.

To celebrate that, the fact that there’s some holiday to do with lots and lots of candy, and the fact that I put in my two weeks notice yesterday (HOORAY!), the following will be happening today:

1) I will be changing the layout to be more eye-friendly. I like it this way, but I found a cool one that I think you’ll dig. In terms of the Survival Hunters Anonymous motif, it’s going to be far less Fight Club-y and more “pistols at twenty paces at dawn!”. In other words, it’s going to be slightly more sophisticated.

2) I have a special guest entry from somebody very near and dear to my heart…one of my pets, the infamous JoanRivers. That’ll be up later.

That’s all. Thanks for coming, and here’s to many more!



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