A different perspective.

February 14, 2008 at 9:40 pm (Guest Post, Survival, Uncategorized)

Oh man, here he goes again.

I don’t know where he got that brilliant idea to sic five different enemies on me at once, but it’s getting old.

Sure, it’s efficient. I keep growling and screeching in their little dragon ears (yes, dragons have ears, and they have very sensitive hearing), and keep them off his back. But he does a ton of damage. Every other shot has these giant dragons yelping in pain and agony. But it’s agonizing, to me, at least, until he’s killed them off.

What makes it worse is that he’s healing me while he’s doing that.

I get hit, I get a couple of major cuts, and bam – they’re gone again, only to get re-opened. It’s like death by a thousand knives, but the wounds keep healing. Hurts like hell.

A minute later, he saunters over, loots them, skins their carcasses, and plods on to the next target.

Not even a thank-you. Not a “Hey, great job, Joan. You really held that aggro back there.” Sure, he throws me a Talbuk Steak once in a while, and I’m happy for the most part, but Trackhoof is really PISSING me off.

He got this brilliant idea to go hunt for a pet. Not for him, for somebody else. “I’m a big game hunter”, he says. “People pay handsomely for that little baby whelp, and you know how bad I want to fly.”

I do, actually. There were a couple ill-fated attempts where, in frustration, he decided to try and ride me around Shattrath… but let’s not talk about that.

Let’s talk about why I’m his favorite pet.

I mean, Zumulus is a little sparkplug – she’ll zap the bejeesus out of anything, but she can’t keep pissing people off the way I can.

And Swayze? That old hack’s been out of rotation for ages. I don’t know why Track keeps him around, except for old time’s sake.

Frankly, I liked Snuggles the Bear a lot better than that damn mangy cat. He couldn’t keep aggro if his life depended on it (and usually, it did), but he was a lovable sucker.

Oh, crap. Misdirect and two blue dragons comin’ my way. They’re kind of big this time. That’s okay, I like ‘em big.

Plus, I get to eat their entrails once he’s skinned ‘em.

It’s a good relationship.




  1. Caleria said,

    Pure. Comedy. Gold.

    Absolutely loved it. Kinda makes me wonder what the hell my pets think about me. Scratch that. I probably DON’T want to know.

  2. Althoran said,

    That was awesome.
    That makes you think for sure.
    I will have to remember to /pet Spyros more often.

  3. Kestrel said,

    That’s GREAT!! I can’t wait for some ‘lock (TJ?) to pick up the ball and write from the perspective of their minions. And now I really wonder what my Wind Serpent is thinking after being cooped up for months..

  4. So Many Blogs, So Little Time | Kestrel’s Aerie said,

    […] Trackhoof is a prolific blogger who is a strong advocate of SV hunters everywhere. His recent "A Different Perspective" guest post is a […]

  5. Pike said,


    I loved it.

    You know I’ve been meaning to write a “guest post” from Tux for a while now, I fear it won’t be nearly as funny as yours! =P

  6. Softi said,

    haha LOVE IT! Really great read 😀

  7. Vixenytli & Chuck said,

    Joan- milady… I so understand. Vixen does to little to thank me and i’m constantly saving her! We’re doing arena now and it’s pure torture! I sympathize. If you ever want to meet up and whine about your hunter to me come visit! http://www.chuckandhisbelf.worpress.com

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