February 7, 2008 at 5:29 am (Dee Pee Ess, Miscellaneous, Survival)


After a small mini-nightmare about crashing my car that has since kept me up until godless hours of the morning, an hour or so of TV time, and a brief attempt at character development for my nascent screenplay (yes, I write about other things besides WoW!), I decided, with my last couple days in this pay period left, I might as well log and enjoy that wonderful game called World of Motecraft.

However, I put in my usual request for a Shadow Labyrinth group. Past couple of times, hasn’t worked out too well for me. One was the crash-and-burn attempt that happened post-ding, and the second barely made it up to the Blackheart the Inciter trash.

Today, though, was my lucky day.

I trapped, I DPS’d, and with only one wipe on Vorpil, I claimed my prize. Kara Key Frag #1, and….*drumroll*…

The bane of BRK’s hunter-life…the one thing that never dropped for him, no matter how many runs he made…the answer to my gearing prayers.


And, on the first full run through, it’s all mine. The Key Frag, the sweet quest reward cash, and the Sonic Spear.

And to top it off, I’M NEVER GOING BACK AGAIN!






  1. Pike said,


    Took me a good five or six runs to nab that thing…

  2. Nightravyn said,

    Woot congrats! 🙂

  3. survivalhuntersanonymous said,

    Like I said, I totally lucked out… and if I ever go back, it’ll be too soon. 😛

    (though I think having a full night’s sleep might make the difference between doing excellent pulls and the serviceable job I did last night, BUT WHO CARES!?! SONIC SPEAR!!!)

  4. Caleria said,

    Gratz on the spear! I LOVE my SS. Especially with the 35 Agi enchant on it.

    Took me a lot more runs to get mine, tho.

  5. Nibuca said,

    You say you’ll never go back.. but you -know- there will come a time.. a little itch.. a niggling in the back of your mind.. and evil whisper telling you that you -NEED- lower city rep.. Oh yeah.. then you’ll go back. Never say never.

    🙂 congrats on the drop. Sibiy, a hunter in West Kingdom has just hit exalted with Lower City.. and has never gotten the spear. There was cursing. See also:

  6. survivalhuntersanonymous said,

    Lol… I need NOTHING from those fools in the Lower City. But after my stint grinding Mag’har rep for leatherworking patterns is done, I’ll need a pittance of materials and the Felstalker Breastplate recipe from Thrallmar.

    After that, it’s holding off until exams are done, getting things in order for grad school applications, and, when I get in, having a part-time job to build up funds for covering expenses.

    And when that’s settled, Track is back. 😀

    (Also, I’m back in my old guild. I is an officer now. 😀 )

  7. survivalhuntersanonymous said,

    P.S. Poor sibly. I only know a fraction of his pain, as I ran the SM cathedral dozens of times for those Gauntlets of Divinity, suffered the worst PUGs I’ve ever seen, leveled three times, and lost the need roll twice that. To this day, I hate that instance.

    I gave up when I realized that the rest of my gear more than made up the difference, and that I’d only want to run an instance for a single piece of gear when it mattered, i.e. endgame.

  8. Caleria said,

    LOL. I’m still waiting for my Hourglass of the Unraveler to drop. I’d love to have that thing.

    But the only real “loot drama” I’ve ever been in, was losing an Ancient Bone Bow in Scholo. It was a significant DPS upgrade for me, and everyone in the group was shocked when the Rogue rolled Need for it. He claims he needed the +11 Agi. I didn’t say anything when he won, but the group gave him enough crap about it that once he looted it, he logged immediately.

  9. Kestrel said,

    Belated grats on the SS! A guildie of mine ran it a couple weekends ago…he got picked up for Murmur only, after the group’s other hunter bailed. And of course, Sonic Spear drops.

    My turn next!!

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