It’s Business Time…

February 6, 2008 at 9:46 am (Miscellaneous, Survival)

That’s right…

“ ’Cause it’s Wednesday. And Wednesday’s the night we make love.”

So, if you’ve checked my Armory before last night, you remember two things.

1) That I used to be a mixed 24/37 Survival-heavy spec.

2) That I used to be in Elegy.

Neither of these are true anymore. I didn’t quit Elegy; the Armory hadn’t updated for several weeks. Back when I decided I was quitting WoW and the blog scene, I deleted all of my characters; my guildies protested, and suggested that I get, at the very least, Trackhoof restored so if I should want to come back, I could.

So, I did. He came back, my bank came back, and my precious little Mage, Priss (first person who figures out where I got the name, and WHY I picked it for an Undead Mage, gets to do a guest column!), but Track is no longer part of Elegy by sheer virtue of having been removed and restored to the Ravenholdt character base.

Now, the first thing – an Era has come to an end. I am no longer a Survival-heavy hybrid spec.

I AM FULL ON SURVIVAL, baby. 0/19/42. By the official Guywired definition of a Survival Hunter (i.e., Readiness or STFU), I have officially joined an elite few, not unlike the Green Berets, KISS Army or the Five-Timers Club.

Just for reference, though, you may still wonder why I haven’t rejoined my old guild. Simple. I’ve played this character maybe twice in the past couple of weeks, I just bought a sweet ass new laptop, I’m leaving my current position in retail, and I need to focus on the GRE and getting into graduate school.

Therefore, I have next to no money for a subscription (hooray debt!), little time to play it (but enough time to respec!), and will have to sate myself by blogging about it (hooray blog!).


P.S. By the by, I’m not kidding about that guest post. It isn’t much of a prize, but I figure if you’ve got something you want to say about your class and Hunters, make it a full-on Hunter lovefest, or sing my praises, all such things are more than welcome.



  1. Nightravyn said,

    Hmm I have two choices for the name Priss. 1. Priss Asagiri from Bubblegum Crisis who was on of the Knight Sabers, a hothead and liked to make things go boom, or 2. Pris from Blade Runner who was a Replicant, thus not alive or dead, who looked undead for the movie anyway. 😉

  2. survivalhuntersanonymous said,

    It’s the latter; I thought she looked suspiciously undead with the spraypaint on in the last hour of the movie.

    Though, to be fair, I definitely like your explanation of it better. Sounds a lot cooler than “I was watching Blade Runner, saw that, could’ve sworn the Female Undead models looked exactly like Priss, and it sounded like a good Mage name…”

    You win…. a guest post, gratuitous linkage to your blog, and a *tacklehug*. 😛

  3. megan said,

    LOL @ Flight of the Conchords.

    “But then I turn it into a sexy dance.”

  4. Nightravyn said,

    Eep! I’ve been tacklehugged back! /flail

  5. Drotara said,

    I love Flight of the Conchords! I quote Business Time all the time. And the Hiphopopotamus versus the Rhymnocerous. 🙂

    “Then you sort the recycling. That’s not part of the foreplay, but its still important.”

    I recently became a Survival Hunter too. But the jury is still out on whether I like it better than MM at this point. 🙂

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