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February 2, 2008 at 11:34 am (Dear Track, General Hunter Knowledge, Marksmanship, Survival)

Aha! The first official Survival Hunters Anonymous Question of The Day E-Mail!

“Dear Track,

I’m interested in rolling a Hunter, and I like taken the path less traveled, so I’m looking at Survival Hunter. What are the benefits and drawbacks of taking this path at a low level? I’ve only toyed with hunter in the past up to about the mid teens, so I don’t have much experience at it yet.

Also, this site rocks. Thank you!


Dear Kory,

Well, I’m glad you’ve decided to challenge yourself a little.

Going Survival at any level will only challenge your play-style, so if you want an easy way to level and learn the class, you’re more than welcome to chicken out.

I mean, I did. I leveled Beastmastery. I’ll admit it. I didn’t know jack about being a Hunter. And I learned by doing.

There are few drawbacks to being a Survival Hunter at this point in the game. You are more ideally suited to play PVP than the other specs, and you can reinforce skills that will help you later on in the game, such as kiting, jumpshots, what I like to call “the flying squirrel of doom” maneuver, double / chain trapping, and proper battle field management.

I suppose the one difference is that you won’t have an HP boost, and that you won’t have extra Pet Armor or Improved Mend Pet, so not having a mini-tank means you’ll have to rely more on your own skills.

I can say you’ll have a lot of fun. I’ll start you off with a build that’ll help you from level 10 to level 29, with 5 points in Marksmanship and 15 in Survival.

First off, take your first five points, from 10-14, in Marksmanship. You want Lethal Shots, and you want them now. 5% crit that early in the game is amazing.

(Edit : Kotaro makes a great point – you want a pet that’ll hold aggro like a mofo. Get yo’self a piggie or an owl; there’s a reason that those two pets are all over the starting areas, and even more that people STILL use them in the end game, for the boar’s absolutely delicious Charge/Gore aggro generating machine, or the multi-mob aggro extravaganza that is Screech.)

Second, take your next three points, from level 15 to 17, in Hawkeye. This will give you a greater range for kiting, and allow you a bit more flexibility with early pulls; not that you need it, but it’s good to get in the habit of it.

From 18 to 19, take two points in Humanoid Slaying. You will be killin’ lots of humanoids, so more damage is never a bad thing.

Take your next three points, from 20 to 22, in Improved Wing Clip, and two after that in Entrapment. You’ll be able to slow down and possibly immobilize your foes with Wing Clip, and have a 1 in 4 chance to keep an enemy trapped for an additional 4 seconds after the trap breaks.

Your next point, at 25, should be either in Deterrence or Clever Traps. By 27, you should have both maxed out. Clever Traps will give you your first tangible taste of double-trapping or chain trapping, if you’ve discovered how to overlap your traps to keep a foe incapacitated for some time. If not, BRK has a great guide to Chain Trapping that can be found here.

Level 28 and 29’s points are to be distributed to max out Entrapment and Humanoid Slaying. As it stands, you are fully suited to have fun with Survival, breach into the higher levels of playing, or dominate in Arathi Basin.

Let me know how that works out for you, and I’ll work out a 30-59 build for you once you get there!


P.S. Thanks, Kotaro. 😛


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  1. kotaros said,

    I’ve decided, for fun?? to start leve a project Survival hunter. Great guide to talents mate, and the only thing I’d also suggest is you must have a boar or owl as a pet 🙂 Gotta have something to hold that aggro 😛

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