“Brian, what’s the I before E rule?” “I before E…always.”

February 1, 2008 at 7:18 pm (Whoops.)

With my Diamonds and Rust post, I noted that the Hourglass of the Unraveller increased attack speed.

I would like to print a personal retraction on behalf of myself and… myself. 

The Hourglass of the Unraveller does not increase attack speed. It only provides a nice, handy little 300 AP boost to the user when it procs.

I actually meant the Abacus of Violent Odds, which increases the personal haste rating by 260, and would therefore turn you into an elven/dwarven/tauren/trollen/spacegoaten/moosen machine gun.

I will re-visit this post later, when I feel like correcting oodles upon ooodles of spacing, due to the nature of the Visual layout refusing to put spaces where they should be, and making everything a giant word jumble, but I’ll still keep this up.

In part so that there is some element of humility, but mostly just so I can have a link to a Brian Regan sketch and use the word Moosen in an entry.



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