Top 10 Reasons I Should Be Able To Tame Clefthoofs

January 30, 2008 at 9:24 pm (Uncategorized)

The Top 10 Reasons I Should Be Able To Tame Clefthoofs

10. It’d be adorable. Smelly, but adorable.

9. Trackhoof and Smackhoof. See, I’ve even got the name worked out already!

8. It’d be as close as I’d ever get to being able to tame a Kodo. Or a Bantha.

7. They’re quite fuzzy.

6. I can’t tame a Cow.

5. I can’t tame a Gnome Mage.

4. I can’t tame a Hippogryph or Kodo, yet for some odd reason I can ride either one. WTF?

3. They’re aggro-making machines. They have Thunderstomp, Bite, could learn Growl, and probably know a special debuff known as , which lowers enemy stamina, increases personal defense, and triggers possible vomiting every other minute.

2. If I can ride a furry tractor, and tame its less war-like brethren, I should sure as hell be able to tame the furry equivalent of an Abrams battle-tank.

1. On the subject of Banthas, hunters, guns, and surviving in harsh climes, it only makes sense that I’m trying to fulfill my long-standing desire to be one of the Sandpeople of Tatooine.

Sure, I’ll get killed by some whiny Night Elf named “DarthSephirothxXx” who rolled a Death Knight when the expansion comes out, but it will be worth it.

But, failing the ability to tame Clefthoofs, and knowing somebody will roll a Night Elf Death Knight and name it “DarthSephirothxXx”, regardless, I’ve taken preliminary precautions and reserved the name “ObiWanTracknobi” and “Smackhoof”.

I am aware that Death Knights will use Rune Blades, and not hammers. I also know I intended to save that name for my Clefthoof. But we all know that last one is impossible.

Besides, you try coming up with a clever name that ends in –ackhoof, suits the character, and fits the rhyme scheme.



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