Wacky Searches for Inspiration

January 28, 2008 at 2:11 am (General Huntard Logic, Uncategorized, Whoops.)

*Kudos to the Blog Stats feature for Word Press – love it, provides quite a lot of inspiration for blog entries.* 

To whoever was searching for a glimmer of possibility that you could have both Trueshot Aura and Expose Weakness at the same time:

Yes, it is possible; you need two hunters, and… wait… “Trueshot Aura and Expose Weakness Build”? Go back to go, do not collect two hundred dollars. NEXT!

Hmm… “Trueshot Aura stack with aspect of h”… I’m going to assume you meant Hawk, because i don’t think there’s an Aspect of the Ho-Ho or Hamburger on Rye. Though, you have to admit, a Trueshot Aura stacker with an Aspect of Hamburger on rye’d be mighty tasty…

It’s an instant cast spell, so you can also have your Aspect on at the same time. Knock yourself out, chief.

There was also an odd question a while about losing arrows in Warsong Gulch… I don’t know, probably your fault to begin with. 

 Let’s see… “Strength on Hunter Gear?” Hunter, please. The only reason it should have strength on it is if it has an equal proportion of Agility… see, for example, the Ice Barbed Spear, Grimlok’s Charge, Crystal-Honed Voidaxe, etc… 

“How to get AP on your Hunter”? Easy, man. Just go get some hunter gear. Heh, sorry, couldn’t resist. Try getting some enchants, such as Assault on your bracers, or going for +AP gems. Though, if you’re Survival, you shouldn’t concern yourself with it TOO much…

“Trackhoof”… you searched for me!? Specifically?! By name?!? Excuse me for a second..

/bask in glory

Hmm… there are a couple of these that’re really, REALLy good questions, and will be addressed in future blog entries, though. Stay tuned.



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