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January 28, 2008 at 2:33 pm (Arena, Beast Mastery, Marksmanship, Miscellaneous, Survival)

Xutoo commented on an old entry of mine, regarding Survival in terms of PvE and PvP :

“My objective in Wow is pvp…the trill, the adrenaline rush…all the fellings that make you alive
are in PVP.

My main is a Spriest…and I was a good one a very proud Shadow Priest…then the unbalance assassinate/mutilate/stunlock seriously criplle PVP spriest (disc is a tank/healing tree…)Now im initiating in Surv/MM and mastering…i will lvl up as surv so i can practice at all lvls and against all classes…then At lvl70 i will demonstrate that a Hunters Pet is a friend not a Master of Hunter (i realy dont like Bm method and way of life:P)

Keep up the good job and Post Surv arena tactics!

”O agua do rio que passa nunca volta, mas o rio sempre fica”

I like you already, man, and thanks for coming to the blog!

My old main was a Night Elf Shadow Priest; times change, friends come along into the game, and a couple months later, I rerolled as a Tauren Hunter.

Lemme tell you this much – Survival leveling is NOT gonna be easy, but it will give you ample opportunity to practice all of the PVP skills you need to kick some serious… um… whatever you call “butt” in Portugese.

And once again, you have the right idea. Your pet is your ally. Not your master. 😛

Finally, anybody care to translate that last bit? It sounds really cool, just got no idea what it means. It sounds like it’d be deep and philosophical, and if I knew what it meant, it’d be in the running for Official Creed of Survival Hunters Anonymous. 

Thanks again, Xutoo. It’ll take a little while, but I’ll write you a damn good Arena entry, as per your direct request.




  1. xutoo said,


    Thks for Reading and public express your toughts about my post:=)

    ”A agua que passa no rio nunca volta, mas o rio sempre fica”
    ”The water the river carries never return,but the river will always stay”

    This is a popular advice from my people (Portugal-eu servers:D)

    I wrote that because i think the Surv tree is all about tactic and a Major view of the things (of the Battlefield or the arena)…we (i hope so at least one day:P) control the flow of the game, the flow of the water:=) We are the river (i am kinda of philosof at 3 am:P)

    Hope you do a Arena Prologue:=) before I Hit 70:D…so you have at least a month:D

    Bye and keep up the good work

    Ps: Btw a litle question: -Do you find any differences in the playstyle of european player??…if you investigate a while you will find some nice conclusion…that perhaps culture and playstyle are connected…

  2. survivalhuntersanonymous said,

    I like it!!!

    Heh, I’ll do my best to have it ready by then. 🙂

    I think if anything, that culture has a lot to do with play-style. The US is about standing out individually, the EU is about standing out together, which is why you have more of a dominance in terms of competitive online gaming; more people are willing to work together well as a team, and have a background with that, as opposed to America, where we accept teamwork, but try to find the individual factor behind everything.

    I feel the one thing about WoW that really does make it great, is how it puts less of a focus on the individual towards the end of the game, and more towards the group. You can find your way from 1-70 by yourself; but once you want to really succeed at that point, you need to work well with others, showing that the group mentality really does translate across borders.

    That’s what I love about my old guild; they really understand that, and everybody plays their role well. As such, they’ve accomplished a lot in the past five months.

    Thanks, and keep reading.


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