Survival, PvE and PvP…

January 14, 2008 at 12:21 am (Hunterology, Survival)

On a side note, I’d like to thank you, the viewer of this site, for visiting… I don’t get too many comments (Hey Merckx – HE HAS PLUS TO DEFENSE RATING NOW, and thanks to Sellia!) , but I have gotten a decent amount of traffic in the month since I’ve started this blog.

And, please, leave comments. I thrive on them. It’s like little pats on the back, or little smacks upside the head. Seeing as the only input I’ve had is of positive nature, I can only assume that all of you like me, but not nearly enough to express adulation. We’re gonna have to work on that, we are. 🙂

But let’s get to the next post. This *is* a blog on Survival Hunters and everything that is great and glorious about them, as well as my own misadventures and discoveries. (I full well admit that I don’t know everything. I just know a lot.)

So we come to the main reasons to pick survival. End-game PvP, and End-Game PvE.

Alright, now put your hands up, and can anyone tell me, just by looking at the word “Survival”, which tree you think it’d be good for?


Why yes, little Jimmy. You get a gold star. Survival *IS* good for both PvE and PvP, and don’t let nobody tell you different. You’re not like those sharp-shooters or cat-jockeys. You’re a different breed. They offer gobsmacking damage and a decent amount of utility.

You’re bringing more utility than a handyman’s convention, and STILL holding down the damage.

I’m not going to get into the theorycraft, the number-crunching, or anything else about this. This is the low-down.

Why do people pick Beast Mastery as their tree? Because it’s easy leveling, and they can pew-pew while their pet pee-pees all over their target. And a little something I like to call “Hulk Smash” mode. It’s great for PvP and PvE, as long as you know how to use your pet properly, you can contain enemies.

Why do people pick Marksmanship as their tree? Because it’s nice, solid PvE damage, with great PvP utility. Pet Control makes it even better, but you really just want Trueshot Aura and more Ranged Attack Power.

Now imagine having both of these trees together… Hey, you got chocolate in my peanut butter!

That, in a nutshell, is Survival.

Sure, you don’t get faster attack speed or a giant raging Sporebat to intercept your foes. But you can have more health, more dodge-ability, more +hit, and plenty of traps to keep your foes occupied.

And yes, you don’t get Silencing Shot. You don’t get Trueshot Aura. You can still grab Scattershot, pick up Wyvern Sting, go for Expose Weakness and Thrill of the Hunt, or spec to get Readiness. You want to have your cake and eat it too? How about dropping a Frost Trap, Sleeping a foe with Wyvern Sting, pumping a guy full of Arcane and Multi-shot goodness, getting Mana back for your crits, AND BEING ABLE TO DO IT AGAIN IN A SECOND?

Oh, and did I mention that, since you have about 600 agility, your Expose Weakness proc just about doubled the damage your Aspect of the Hawk gives you for your crits?


Yes, yes, I know, reality is a fickle mistress. “But Track!” You cry. “Surely, with all these complex mathematical equations that I see at Elitist Jerks, TKASomething, and even the BRK forums, with which I can prove BM / MM is better for PvP / PvE, you’ll come to your senses, realize that you’re leaving too much to chance, respec, and rejoin the Dark Side?”

Pshh. You know deep, deep down inside you’ve always wanted to be a Survival Hunter. We aren’t just any run-of-the-mill DPSer. We hang with the best of them. A good Survival spec gives you all the tools you need to succeed; it’s like that scene in Boondock Saints where they get loaded to the teeth, and even pick up a reel of rope while they’re at it.

And when it’s time to save the day, you get to be the one laughing when somebody asks, “Readiness? Wyvern Sting? Clever Traps? Who the eff needs those?”




  1. xutoo said,

    Good Art…

    My objective in Wow is pvp…the trill, the adrenaline rush…all the fellings that make you alive are in PVP.

    My main is a Spriest…and I was a good one a very proud Shadow Priest…then the unbalance assassinate/mutilate/stunlock seriously criplle PVP spriest (disc is a tank/healing tree…)

    Now im initiating in Surv/MM and mastering…i will lvl up as surv so i can practice at all lvls and against all classes…then At lvl70 i will demonstrate that a Hunters Pet is a friend not a Master of Hunter (i realy dont like Bm method and way of life:P)

    Keep up the good job and Post Surv arena tactics

    ”O agua do rio que passa nunca volta, mas o rio sempre fica”

  2. Alarissel (greymane) said,

    I started leveling as BM then switched to survival at 50 despite the AGI reqs…once i found out that LR scales with level i said “Screw it i want to be a master hunter”

    so far, survival has earned me many rewards both intrinsic and in-game…so much fun
    there is nothing quite like getting rushed by 3 melee and putting 2 out of comission (CC abilities) and then pummeling the third

    ive read that a tiny and by tiny i mean microscopic % of hunters spec survival
    and on my server, i havent yet seen a level70 survival hunter…

    great site keep it up

    u should post a blog about leveling as a survival hunter
    but then again, it does feel good to know that as a survival hunter, you occupy the farthest reach of an opponents mind…”he cant be survival…can he?…but WHYY..” *dies*

  3. yoooo said,

    umm hi there mr doodle head i was wandering if sruvival hunters kik ass or not?
    thank you

  4. survivalhuntersanonymous said,

    @ my friend who just commented :

    No, hunters are horrible. Just roll a rogue. 😛

  5. Kordwar said,

    i love survival in PvP of any sort, it throws people for a huge loop. Not only am i getting 3k aimed shot crits while you’re either A) freeze trapped B) wyvern stinged or C) scattershotted, I’m also hitting you for 1.3k raptor strikes when you think that getting close is a good idea 😀

    Also, with such reduced trap cooldowns and trap length you can chain trap people, it will make them angrier than they will ever be while stunlocked. I’ve had people ignore everyone around them and focus on me because all i do is trap them, no damage at all to them, just traps. it says “you know what? you’re not worth the ammo”

  6. Húntèr said,

    I started with Survival spec from lvl 10 i am currenty lvl 30 with my hunter and let me tell you it pwns!!! I went to the BG’s at lvl 29 not even twinked and was able to pwn 2 twinks, one of which was a hunter speced for BM i decomissioned his pet in 3 shots and nubbed his blood elf butt in 6 also took out a rogue in no time and still managed to get the flag back before it even left the base, survival rocks period!!!

  7. Aussie Pride said,

    im a level 76 hunt / survival \ and sinse xp in bg`s every1 my leveling doing AV to level so wen the alliance is in my base i sit on a roof n just shoot them i hit 3.5k a hit with steady shot black arrow n such but i see sum survival spec hunts doing 1k a hit level 80 im very very good geared az a level 76 and people reken i hack because i pwn up to 3 people on me at a time by trapping sting n then just pwning the other 1 but i have a question my pet iz a stupid noob it only hits like 300 at level 76 i dnt think thats normal wat pet do u reken i should get to max my D.P.S in raids and bg`s ?

  8. Jake said,

    you’re an idiot……

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