Why Agility is a Survival Hunter’s Best Friend.

January 10, 2008 at 5:40 pm (General Hunter Knowledge, Survival)

Well, general traffic and the searches that have led some to my little hole in the wall about Survival Hunterism say that the people, and who knows how many of you there are, demand to know why we Survival Hunters must stack Agility higher than a pancake buffet at IHOP.  

It’s our bread and butter, baby. Agility is our moneymaker. It’s our thing. We even have talents that increase our Agility.

…but WHY, Track, WHY Agility?

Simple. You get Ranged Attack Power, +crit, +armor, +dodge, and a boost to Expose Weakness at the same time. It’s fantastic.

For each point of Agility at 70, as Survival, you get the following as a bonus :

1.16 RAP
.028 Crit
2.26 Armor
.045 Dodge.

And also, remember, 25% of your total agility is converted to bonus AP when Expose Weakness pops.

Say you’re me, and you, at 70, have 523 agility. (the number as of 1/10/08… pending changes)

With Expose Weakness, you contribute an extra 130.75 AP to the party whenever you proc.

With Trueshot Aura, you get a static 125 AP at 70.

Keep in mind EW scales with your gear. The more Agility you have, the more you crit, the more AP everybody gets, and the happier you are.

So, say you hit around 600+ Agility. That becomes almost 150 AP for your entire raid if you’re taking on a boss.. and as 14 AP = 1 point of Damage per Second, you’re contributing 10.7 extra DPS for everybody in the party, whereas you’d only bring 8.9 if you had Trueshot Aura.

That’s just walking in the door for raiding at 600 Agility. (Which, by the way, is what I recommend as a bare minimum, with all the enchantments and +agility gear out there, you should be sitting somewhere comfortably above that, probably in the range of 650. For chrissakes, you can get more than 70 agility from enchantments alone!)

Yes, there you go, you little benchmark-swilling raconteurs. Six hundred and fifty agility, on top of your other stats. Hop to it.




  1. Rahronkas said,

    Nice post, I leveled up as a MM and then SV for a long time. Went to BM and found that I liked it because I got lazy. Not to say BM isn’t a good spec cause it is, it’s all how you like to play. 0/20/41 is now my brand. I remember I went after everything that had agi when I was leveling. I didn’t care about armor, intellect, nothing, and I had some pretty good stats. Now I am respecced back and working in getting my agi back up again. BM was fun, SV makes it fun and interesting.

  2. survivalhuntersanonymous said,

    Thanks, man, and welcome back to the Dark Side..

    erhm, I mean, Survival. Yeah, that’s the ticket.


  3. LeighluofSuramar said,

    “With Expose Weakness, you contribute an extra 130.75 AP to the party whenever you proc.”

    EW benefits the RAID…it’s not party based. Making it ever UBER-er.

  4. Nomakk said,

    Gotta love it! Agility ftw! I recently made a post about this as well. I was in a group a week or so ago with…a shaman! When he dropped his totem I had 1016 agility! That means 254 agility for everyone. Furthermore, my crit rating was 42.5% which means it was up pretty much the entire raid! Hows that for team support! Agility FTW!

  5. Marfang said,

    I personally play with an survival hunter, and stack agility. Dude pvp, I started owning which was odd at first since no on ever talks about survival hunters. Something you forgot to mention in this post, was Agility also goes onto your pet, where as if you are straight marksman with out the health bm talents for your pet, your pet will die in an instance or raid like killing an ant, where as survival it give agility which goes on to your pet as well, my pet can stay alive through shit as I am spec’d 50 survival, 11 marks. Love the spec. I’ve tried to change many times to see if I like other spec’s but they just aren’t near as fun for me, great cc btw.

    Good Post. 🙂

  6. alan said,

    where could i see a good surv talent tree?

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