Misdirection. Friend or Foe?

January 10, 2008 at 4:06 am (Beast Mastery, General Hunter Knowledge, Marksmanship, Survival, Whoops.)

So, at long last, the journey begins anew.  

Track has hit the big 7-0… and I was a little taken aback at not having an experience bar.

Got used to it quickly, though.

First things equipped? Felstalker Bracer, Valanos’ Longbow, and a Gladiator’s Chain Helm. Had to skill up the bow, though.

But I was most eager to get my hands on Misdirect.

Not having a hunter at 70 prior to Track, Misdirect seemed like the answer to my prayers. Being able to micro-manage the pulls, drag that responsibility kicking and screaming away from the tank, and still trap everything I need to stay effective is a wet hunter-dream for me.

(One definitely more achievable than my other wet dream involving Kate Beckinsale, Salma Hayek, and a pool of chocolate syrup. If you’re gonna dream, dream big, that’s what I always say…)

So I grab Misdirection from the Trainer. Once again, cockiness took effect. I got into a Shadow Labs group, grabbed a tank from my guild (btw, Kessik, if you’re reading this, sorry, dude. Sis grabbed the comp when I was helping take in groceries… and I came back to my computer not only having quit out of WoW, but also being Lemon Partied. BY MY SISTER.) and went a-shooting.

Things went fine for the most part. Then the moment of truth came. “Hey, wait a second, I have misdirect. Lemme use that for the next pull!”

Misdirect on the tank? Check.
Totally borked pull? You bet.

What were my mistakes?

A) Tank wasn’t close enough to them. And they picked up a friend on the way back.
B) The friend part was an accident, the roaming Felguard just rolled that way without me seeing it. Pay more attention.
C) I used a Distracting shot, but tank wasn’t in LoS of them, so they rolled towards him and on towards the healers. WTF?

So, what’s my plan? Misdirect is a useful tool, but I clearly don’t know how to use it properly.

– Grab a pet that needs leveling… and has good defense. JoanRivers, my Carrion Bird, fits the bill nicely.

– She’ll grab threat and hold it once she gets it. Place her somewhere outside the range of roamers, scamper halfway between, and use her as my imaginary MT. Put my trap up, pull to MT, grab the secondary target and trap.

– Practice instance pulls until mastered.But on an up note, I do have an Earthstorm diamond coming my way. Just need to get that puppy cut and we’re up 12 Agility and that blessed 3% to critical damage. We feel emboldened and ready for whatever comes our way…

Even if we do suck with Misdirection.



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