Knowing Your Strengths

January 6, 2008 at 11:23 pm (Uncategorized)

Right now, I’m in the beginning stages of getting keyed for Karazhan; Trackhoof’s in the caves below the instance, killing ghosts and sneezing up a storm. (It’s pretty dusty down there.)

I posted over on the BRK forums about picking up a choice weapon for endgame PVE, in regards to planning around my massive bad luck. I find it ridiculous that people bank entire gearing around gambles and remote possibilities when there are perfectly achievable substitutes within their reach, that only require hard work and diligence. (But those lucky sons of bitches that have Sonic Spears get to gloat about it.)

So think about your spec, and think hard. What is it that you’re trying to achieve? Is it “massive quantities of sustained, ranged DPS”? Is it raid utility? Or is it Arena dominance?

For the most part, you know what stats you want. If you don’t, figure out what you do want. If you want to put Mages, Rogues, and myriad other damage-dealers to shame, you know you need more DPS. If you can’t survive Moroes, Attumen, or XYZ boss because you get hit too hard, maybe it’d be time to look at why you’re taking so much damage, and what can be done about it. (This goes for your raiding party as well)

One of the guys in the thread made a great point – what’s good for the goose is not necessarily good for an Epic Flight Form Druid. Your spec, playing style, and needs will demand other things than what is good for the rest of the world. Take, for example, my guildmate Joomitz. He’s Marksmanship, and one of our newer 70 recruits. The problem lies in his gear. It’s atrocious. His sheer lack of Attack Power and Agility is overwhelming (for Pete’s sake, I’m Survival and I have more AP!); his Stamina is in a decent place, though.

But rather than complain about it and ask for his pet’s head on a platter, I got the guild to help out and offer suggestions of what to gear with instead. It’ll be a while before he can do something about that, as he needs the cash for his flyer; but in the meantime, I’ve given him some good ideas of what to get, what to look for, and what to do instead. You don’t need a ton of gold to be properly geared, but it sure helps.

In his case, it’s going to be crafting. If he goes for the rest of the Felstalker set (which he should; he’s got Leatherworking, and I donated a belt to his cause), then he just needs to replace some of the other items with either crafted goods, quest drops, or rep items. I’ll feel a lot better once he’s rocking a Stalker’s Helm of Second Sight instead of the Headdress of the Sleeper, and ANYTHING ELSE instead of the +stamina necklace he’s got.

But sometimes you need an honest opinion about your choices to set you straight. He has the Regal Protectorate. He needed a good chewing-out about that.

Seriously, isn’t that what friends are for?



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