Hunterology – Gearing as a Hunter

January 3, 2008 at 7:40 pm (Beast Mastery, General Hunter Knowledge, Hunterology, Marksmanship, Survival)

Seeing as how I’m running a new blog here, I do have a ready list of topics to write about, but I want to piggyback off of my last entry concerning our friend “Goofhoof”, i.e. living proof that, as my old guild leader said, “A trained monkey could level to 70.”

If this is your first Hunter, listen up! I want you to be the best you can be!(And if you’re an old pro, feel free to skip ahead to End Game, or leave snarky remarks about how I forgot about your favorite items…)

As a Hunter, your concerns about Hunter Gear vary during early, mid, and end-game.

Inevitably, there are Hunter Loot jokes… but that’s to be expected. Everything is Hunter Loot. 😉

Early Game (10-30):Your focus is simple: AGILITY. Agility = damage, dodge, armor. You don’t need Intelligence or Spirit, and if you’re stacking Strength, you’d better be doing it for a bet. Stamina is your second priority, as your two main concerns are a) staying alive and b) shooting things full of arrows/bullets. 

Mid Game (31-60): Your focus begins to widen. The addition of something called “Attack Power” makes its way onto your radar, and you start hearing talk of mp5 gear. If you’re familiar to these stats with other characters, you know how good they can be.

But don’t let an almighty pursuit of AP and Agility cloud your judgement. Get some Stamina in there. You’re gonna need it. 

Pre-End Game (60-69): Okay, I lied. Four sections. Big deal. Now you need to figure out where you want your gear to go with your spec, and run with it. For the most part, you’re either going to be BM or MM, so anything Hunter loot (Agility, AP, NO STRENGTH OR SPIRIT) is of key importance. 

lso, don’t rule out quest Leather. +Hit helps with leveling, and seeing’s as you shouldn’t get hit anyway, a piece or two doesn’t hurt.

But more importantly, you should be farming mats or honor for your endgame gear, and starting to put a list together.

The man hisself, BRK, did a great guide to gearing up via the AH on WOWinsider a while back; if you’re looking for a few loose pieces to compliment your awesomeness, or if you’re like one of my guildies who needs a severe Hunter makeover, this is a place to go. 🙂 

End Game (70): Well, you made it! Congratulations! Praise and adulation unto you, you’ve made it to the level cap! 

Where do you go from here?Well, you start gearing up for whatever you want to do.

Heroics and Raiding? Better get on that crafting train.

PVP and Arena? You should already have some decent PVP gear, or a S1 Arena set at this point, ’cause competition is gonna be rough. 

But seeing as how you’re *hopefully* a Survival Hunter like me, your best bet is your S1 Arena gear. It’s a couple shades better than the Heroics gear you’d be getting, as you get tons of +agility and +crit on each piece, along with +stamina and +int.

Plus, there’s a meta gem socket on the helm, and 4 yellow sockets for +crit or +hit, to be used as you see fit. (I’m going with +hit; I’ve got 4 +6 hit gems from the AH for a little around 3 gold total, and I splurged on one +8 hit gem for later.)  

If you’re a BM or MM hunter, It wouldn’t hurt to have an Arena piece or two. Plus, that season 3 axe looks reaaaal nice, doesn’t it? And the s3 Gun / Bow / Xbow’s better than anything you’re going to get up until Karazhan.

Other than that, might I recommend running heroics for your Beast Lord’s set, and possibly crafting a Felstalker Armor Set or Ebon Netherscale Armor set? They’re gonna make you feel all happy in the pants with all that AP and +hit set bonus.

Now that you know where you’re going, go get there!




  1. Memnauk said,

    Hey I was trying to find a contact link on the site, didn’t notice one avail, so posting here. Are you currently spec’d as SV Hunter? I’ve recently made the switch but I’m having a tough time getting the shot rotation down well enough to be viable for DPS and raid utility. Any chance I can have a peak at your (gasp) shot rotation, or macro with the current patch?

  2. survivalhuntersanonymous said,

    I am currently Spec’d as a Survival hunter, actually.

    I should be more shot rotation-centric than I am; I go for that “1.1” ratio where I alternate arcane, auto, steady, auto, steady, arcane, and multi-shot. Works pretty well for me.

    Thanks for the comment; if you have any other questions, my email’s

  3. Hunterology - Some Heads Are Gonna Roll « Survival Hunters Anonymous said,

    […] you took the intro level course, Gearing as A Hunter (And if you didn’t, now’s a good time to do so), and I assume you’re at level 70, and […]

  4. Qualkehk said,

    Blasphemy! “Up until Karazhan?” That S3 gun/bow/xbow is better than anything you’ll get far beyond Kara, is it not? Granted, the shot speed is a bit slow for most rotations, but Sunfury loses you a full 10 DPS and a significant amount of crit… the agility on it is glorious, I can’t deny that. But I would’t go near anything ranged in Kara if I had that Vengeful Rifle in my clutches (It haunts me dwarven dreams. O_o).

    I’m trying not to be a troll, just wondering what I’m missing… maybe this is just a lack of SV experience talking?

  5. survivalhuntersanonymous said,

    Well, Black Temple, actually.

    Thanks for pointing out a major flaw – really, I should’ve said “Season 1 Crossbow”, and it’ll still be better than anything up to and including Karazhan.

    If you could somehow get a 1850 ranking while gearing up for Karazhan…. you shouldn’t be doing PVE anyway, you should be trying to win that Blizzard Arena Tournament and get some real world cash 😛

  6. Reigne said,

    I am a survival hunter with 824 agility unbuffed. Check out my build Reigne on lightning hoof later

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