Monkey Vs. Hawk. (ZOMG NUMBARS!!!1ONE)

December 28, 2007 at 11:30 pm (Beast Mastery, General Hunter Knowledge, Marksmanship, Survival)

Piggybacking off of the last Know Your Role entry, wherein I discussed the best ways for inexperienced Hunters to make an impact in Warsong Gulch, I mentioned (ab)using our Aspects, and thus using the intangible elements of our abilities for tangible results. A quick escape only requires that one channel their inner Cheetah, the Monkey increases our dodge by a minimum of 8%, and while I secretly practice tapping into my Aspect of Jack Nicholson, I jotted down some quick notes for you to mull over on the Aspect of the Monkey and the ever-popular Aspect of the Hawk.

(I’ll get into the others at a later date) 

Aspect of the Monkey

The very first Aspect that you become familiar with as a Hunter, at level 4; and when you realize you don’t get a pet until level 9 or 10, you start seeing that little yellow banana as your best friend. Like I said, it’s 8% increased dodge to start with, and can max out at 14% if you so choose, but it’s one of the most unloved Aspects among Huntards. 

General Huntard Logic (hereafter referred to as “GHL”) dictates that, if something doesn’t contribute directly to damage, it’s worthless.

Hence, why so many Huntards will run around with Aspect of the Hawk on, regardless of situation. If they need to survive and run away, Aspect of the Hawk. If they need to regain Mana, Aspect of the Hawk. If they need to stay untrackable, Aspect of the Hawk.  

You are a HUNTER.

You don’t get your target by using a square-block-in-round-hole approach; you think outside of the box.

Why is Monkey a good Aspect? Not just for PVP, but also when you’re fighting higher-level mobs, or trying to keep some heat off your Clothie friends, Monkey’s an asset. Having almost 10% extra dodging ability could conceivably double your survivability if you’re a regular hunter (especially at lower levels); at higher levels, and if you’re a Survival Hunter, it could very well push you to 40%+ Dodge BEFORE you pop Deterrence, because of all the Agility you’d been stacking.

Your job is to Dee Pee Ess with the Bee Eee Esst.

If a situation gets hairy, and having that extra chance to dodge means the difference between keeping the situation under control and it veering into FUBAR territory, you damn well better get your Monkey on.

Put plainly, you can’t kill ’em if you’re dead.

Aspect of the Hawk

Ahh, who doesn’t remember the day they got Aspect of the Hawk, and how much of a MASSIVE boost to their damage it was?

From that point on, it was your friend, and it didn’t matter what got in your way, you were gonna mow everybody down and laugh about it later.What’s funny is that, because it’s so crucial to Hunter DPS, it becomes a crutch, and Hunters get lazy. They figure, “Eh, why bother switching Aspects? I’ll do more damage, I’ll kill it faster, and I don’t have to worry about dodging. If something got close to me, it’s my fault for not throwing everything I have at it faster.”

GHL rears its ugly head once again.

And to an extent, it’s right; but with a bit of a caveat. Yes, you will kill things faster. It will boost your DPS. And that blue talon graphic is sweet as all hell. 

But it’s WAY more effective long-term than short-term… almost to the point where I wouldn’t bother using it on regular enemies.

At my current Rank of Aspect of the Hawk, I get a full 120 AP from it. That boosts my total DPS by about 30.

Say it takes me about 15 shots to down a Talbuk outside of Nagrand, at 300 damage apiece; That works out to about 4500 HP worth of damage.

With Hawk on, and a bonus damage of 30 for a total of 330 per shot, that brings it down to 13.6, which we’ll round up for argument’s sake, to 14 shots. 

Now, say instead of a Talbuk, you’re shooting at Pandemonius, the first boss from Mana Tombs, and he’s just soaking up all that glorious Dee Pee Ess for you, the giant raspberry loot pinata that he is.

Say he’s got around 110,000 HP.
(He’s the Heroic version.)

At 300 damage each normally, you’re looking at 366.67 (367) shots.

So you get your Hawk on, because you want to burn his ass to the ground.

At 330 damage each, it takes 333.33 shots (334) shots.

That’s a savings of 33 bullets, which, if you kept using with your Hawk Aspect, would grant you an additional 10,890 damage.

So, therefore, for anything boss-like in nature, if you have the means, I highly recommend it; but if you’re just grinding Talbuks, go with whatever floats your boat.

However, if Pandemonius decided you were a real nice target, and 2 seconds meant the difference between Feigning Death and getting friendly with your Spirit Healer, you’d want to be as agile and Monkey-like as possible. (Which is why you spec’d Survival in the first place!…right?)

Until Next Time. 




  1. ZOMG said,


  2. zz said,

    Thats stupid.

    On normal mobs you always have hawk on unless you are low on mana. Because monkey does NOTHING when you arent getting hit. Your pet should be able to hold agro and if it can’t you are doing it wrong. You should never be brought into closecombat in a regular fight. Only exception i can think of is if you are fighting mobs 8+lvls higher than you because your pet wont be able to hold agro at all even then you could probably use hawk just fine….

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