Know Your Role : Warsong Gulch

December 24, 2007 at 9:54 pm (Know Your Role)

Alright, a quick one on a topic I’ve been dealing with recently; Battlegrounds.

More specifically, Warsong Gulch. It’s come to my attention that few players pay attention to the goals, or the benefits of effective teamwork in this BG. I’d rather think it’s that than the sad truth, which is that the Horde in my level range on Whirlwind can’t PVP for shit… I know I’m no great shakes myself, but when somebody who’s had zero PVP experience pre-68 is in the top 3 consistently for kills Horde-side, something’s got to be done.

So, Survival Hunters Anonymous brings you this: the first installment in an ongoing guide for Huntards everywhere, thus entitled Know Your Role. Fittingly, it’s the easiest Battleground to understand, and also the hardest to get marks for, due to the nature of capture the flag games.

Your role in Warsong Gulch is simple. Kill everybody else, and provide tactical advantages to your teammates where possible, in the form of your shots, using your pet for assists, Flares, and traps. Cap if necessary.

More often than not, though, with your abilities, you will be the gatekeeper, the guardian, the flag-returner, the destroyer of worlds, or maybe just the guy who pops Rapid Fire, hits aimed shot, and nails the carrier just before they cap it.

In any case, you are a team player. Work with other hunters, but know that you are an assist role. You shine in killing things and providing ample distraction, and if possible, getting your Cheetah on, popping Deterrence, and running like hell with the flag in tow.

Your tools of destruction? Concussion Shot, Scatter Shot, Intimidation, Wyvern Sting, Wing Clip, Raptor Strike, Deterrence, Frost Trap, Freeze Trap, Snake Trap… really, all of the traps, and almost everything in your arsenal. Also, your barely-used Flare skill is of utmost importance here.

I’ll assume you’re new to it. Your goals are simple; do as much damage as possible, in as little time as possible, and disrupt as many other people as possible while you’re doing it. Rarely will you find a lone mage or hapless priest running toward you; more often than not, they’ll have friends. So while your friends are pounding away at them in melee range, and they expect you to stand still to sling arrows, DON’T.

Move around. Mess them up a bit. Now’s when you drop your traps; if you want to hit multiple targets, Explosive Trap’s your best bet for adding damage, and Frost Trap, one of my favorites, will keep them slowed down enough for you to pile on the shots. For individual targets, Freeze Trap (which, if you’re a good hunter, is useable without thinking) will isolate them and keep them out of the action, Immolation Trap will be good for killing them and getting them down and out fast, and Snake Trap is just plain evil. Poison damage that slows, cripples, and, best of all, puts mother-effin’ snakes on their mother-effin’ asses? Sign me up!

Now that you’ve dispatched them, let’s turn our focus to that lovely fellow or lass running away with a red streak behind them. Ye gads! They’ve stolen your flag! Now what do you do? Concussion shot, away! Slow them down, and give your compatriots a chance to catch up. Better yet, toss a Wyvern Sting or Scatter Shot their way, and disrupt their escape entirely.

If their team is smart (And usually, those crafty Alliance sons of dogs are), the flag capper will have a healer of some kind accompanying them, or will themselves be a healer. That works to your advantage; you remember a little something called Viper Sting, don’t you? Good. It doesn’t drain a ton of mana, but if you use it wisely, and combine that with Rapid Fire / Aimed Shot, you can, in under two seconds, disrupt their mana flow, reduce their healing’s effect by half, and knock a nice chunk off their friend’s health bar.

What? They’re still running away? Rubbish. You have Aspect of the Cheetah, don’t you? Well, catch up and do some damage. Slow them down. Concussion Shot to start things off, engage them, and Wing Clip ’em ’till there’s feathers all over the place.

So, having slowed them down, you’ve got them where you want them. Unload everything you’ve got on them, send in your pet, and make those poor saps pay for stealing your flag.

And while this has all happened, you’ve stolen their flag, too? Good work! Assuming you’re not Survival, your best bet is to, if no enemies are around, put on Aspect of the Cheetah. If there are, Monkey or Hawk it up, drop a frost trap, and high-tail it out of there. Don’t forget to Feign Death if anybody’s got a pet on your tail. Call out to your teammates for some cover, and make a beeline for your base.

So, you’ve saved the team, captured the flag, won the game. Good job, you’ve earned yourself those three WSG marks and a bit of honor.
You’re definitely getting good at this, so keep it up!

Just remember for the future, a few key PVP concepts that you might want to get in your head (so you don’t lose yours!) :

Mobility. Stick to instant shots, or combine Rapid Fire with anything like Steady Shot or Aimed Shot for increased speed, but don’t be afraid to plant yourself to get off a Multi-shot once in a while. A stationary Hunter is a dead hunter.

Movement. This is different than mobility for one reason, and one reason only – you control your own movement. Get familiar with using the run feature with your left and right mouse button, instead of your WSAD keys, or *gasp* your directional arrows. Doing this not only keeps you moving, but also allows you to reposition yourself in an instant, rather than “key-turning” and leaving yourself wide open for attacks.

Efficiency. Using an Aimed Shot when you could get away with Arcane or Multi is a waste. Conserve your mana, focus on kills instead of numbers.

Healing. Don’t beg other people for healing. Be responsible. Bring bandages, potions, and whatever you think you’ll need to the party. Same goes for food. If the mage gives you magic muffins, be gracious. Don’t demand them, ’cause he sure as hell doesn’t have to give them to you!

And above all…

Targeting. Easy targets are good, but go for the ones that will help out the most. See a pesky priest? Pew-Pew his pugnacious posterior to Perdition’s Flames and back again. Warlock giving people trouble with his fearing? Dump a Viper Sting on him and lay on the hurt.
Your job is to keep your team a) alive and b) winning. Don’t give the other team’s key players a chance to hinder your goals.

After all, you’re a Hunter. Wear the mantle proud, and dominate.




  1. azeraq gorefiend said,

    Great article! Definitely learned some new stuff here. I’m still new to the game and admit to being a huntard some times.. Like never thinking to use feign death when a pet is on me, or wyvern sting on spellcasters. I still have a lot to learn, first aid for example ^^. Anyways, thanks!

  2. Plumehead said,

    Great article!

    Lemme ask you this. Do you have any tips for pet selection for WSG? Perferably for the 10-19 lvl range?

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